Our Mission

We are here to assist you in matters of IT (Information Technology), particularly in the areas of system application development, as well as IT jobs in general.

Company Profile

PT. BIMASAKTI INTI TEKNOLOGI (BimaSakti-IT or BIT) is a company specialized in the field of IT (Information Technology), particularly in the areas of application system development and consulting. We will help you design and create systems that are needed, as well as handle all IT affairs in the company. If your company does not have the IT team, then we will be IT team for you. If your company already has IT team, then we will be a partner for them.

PT. BIT was established by Haer Talib, a system developer, to serve the demand of companies and institutions in the development of application systems. Haer Talib’s experience in various large companies have created many systems that can be customized for other companies (see blog Haer Talib).


Purchasing & Warehouse

Used to facilitate the procurement process, the PR and PO-making, as well as managing inventory information in warehouses. All processing is done online in a system that does not require a hardcopy form (paperless).


Used to facilitate the process of calculating the wage salaries, start from withdrawal of attendance data in the finger print machine, make the overtime recap, print the Pay Slip, print the salary transfer list, print or setting up an excel file to upload to e-SPT, print the BPJS detail report, etc. including managing a list of employees, manage employee work schedule, employees pickup, etc.

Purchasing & Warehouse

Used to facilitate the work surrounding the PPIC at the plant, ranging from the input of order / PO from customer, delivery schedule, production schedule, calculation of material needs (the main material, consumable / non-consumable, packing materials), the calculation needs of subcon, the making of delivery note, material receipt, acceptance of FG, WIP, NG, Trial, Sample, and others, as well as stock information on PPIC warehouse / other warehouses.


Product shown here are just some of the recently implementated product. Actually we made a product based on client demand, so that our product completely in accordance with the needs of the client. The product that we've created to be an experience for us so that best things can be reused.

Our Services

IT Managed Services

If you want us to handle all IT jobs completely, you can count on us. For example: we handle all the hardware and software requirements, and you just use it. The procurement and maintenance will done by us.

IT Consultant

We serve a variety of needs in IT. If your company does not have IT team, then we will be your IT team. If your company have IT team, then we can be a partner of them.

We will help you design appropriate, applicacle, and cost-effective information systems. We also can handle all matters relating to IT are required to represent you.

Hardware & Software Procurement

If there is a project of procurement of hardware and software, you can count on us. We'll find the right hardware and software as needed, with the best price and service. You do not need to think about complexity specifications, license, and after-sales service. we will act on behalf of you.


If the services that we show here less suited to your expectations, we can discuss it again. Please contact us. (Contact information is on the front page / Home).


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If you need further information or would like to contact us, please do not hesitate to call or send an email. Our officers will immediately help you.